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Irrespective of the number of children, parents’ most common problem is too many things piling up. At the end of each season, you might find that you are left with piles of shoes, clothes and used toys. These tend to take up a lot of unnecessary space as your children have outgrown them. Therefore, the first thing you will have to do is clean your children’s closet. You will thus be able to gather many items that no longer fit. 

You will come across certain things that are in excellent condition, and they are the most appropriate for selling. Each should be free from stains and should not have any tears or holes. The item should also be recently purchased and not be more than five years old. If the brands are expensive, they tend to sell faster. You should set aside the things belonging to this category. Then you should sort them according to their size and season and send them to us. We at Kidsclutt.com will buy them from you at the right price, and once these get sold, you will get the payment. This way, you can make some income from stuff that is no longer in use.

There are several benefits of second-hand shopping from us. This is a great way to prevent polluting the environment from the waste created due to the production of fast fashion and the trash generated due to the discarding of new or rarely used clothes and other stuff. The production of fashion items is considered the most significant environmental polluter. There is, therefore, no point in continuing to buy new stuff and pollute the environment. Climatic changes are occurring, and this is hurting human existence. Consequently, we have come up with buying and selling old kids’ stuff and contributing to the environment in our way.

If you buy branded, quality clothes at a lesser price, that would also mean that your wardrobe will last longer for a lesser price. The best thing about these clothes is that you can further resell them at a reasonable fee if you take good care of them. Moreover, you are contributing to the environment. We also encourage children to develop different tastes rather than the same herd mentality. Children learn to know their minds and style, which is quite good for their self-esteem.

There are many advantages of selling your old kids’ stuff to us. You can go through the list below to understand it better:

  • You can reach a global audience, thereby increasing the opportunities for sales.
  • Our online store is open 24/7, and therefore, you can compete with large businesses.
  • You will also be able to receive payments faster from online transactions.
  • You can track the purchases of the customers and improve your offerings accordingly.

The best ways to get your products sold through our online store:

If the products you sell are well-defined, you will be able to sell them quickly without any human involvement.

There will be a fixed price for all kinds of potential customers.

There are also several benefits of buying your kids’ stuff from Kidsclutt.com. The best thing is that the payment you make goes to the merchant first, and you receive your product. If you are not happy with the product, you can return it within three days, and your money will be refunded; however, if you are satisfied with the product and do not return it within three days, the merchant sends the payment to the seller.

To register on our website, you will have to follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Log in to Kidsclutt.com click on the “Login/Register” option on the top right-hand corner of the page.
  • You will have to fill in the details and register yourself on the right-hand side. Once you get registered, you will have to fill in the details under “Log in to your account”. While registering, click on the option correctly about whether you are a buyer or a seller.

Customer Care e-mail id:  sell@kidsclutt.com

Our Founder

I am Kavi Chawla, and I welcome you to our online store, Kidsclutt.com, for second-hand kids’ stuff. I started this online store in the year 2022. The idea of selling second-hand kids’ products came to my mind when I found that many toys, dresses and shoes of my daughter got accumulated in my house. We were buying new stuff but did not know what to do with the old things, especially those in perfect condition. Therefore, I decided to open up an online store where we could buy and sell such stuff. This will help in clearing your closet and allow you to get some income from things that your kids will no longer use. This way, we will be able to help the parents and also contribute to the environment.

 Here we ensure that you can get the best second-hand products for your child at quite a reasonable price. You also have the opportunity to sell your child’s old stuff that they no longer uses. We are highly reliable, and you can rest assured that you will get the best quality products. We also deliver these things in time. We have excellent customer service, and you can get in touch with us any time you want.

Happy shopping with us! Feel free to contact us for your queries or suggestions.

Kavi Chawla

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