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Babies outgrow clothes very fast. On average, your baby grows about 0.5 to 1 inch in the first year and gains about 5-7 ounces each month. This means that your little munchkin will outgrow their clothes very soon. Since you are a new mom, you will be gifted with several gorgeous baby outfits, and friends and family will also hand down several clothes for your baby. There is also a possibility that you bought too many cute getups when you were pregnant. Your baby’s closet thus gets overstuffed with clothes that no longer fit. So now the question arises: What do you do with these clothes that your kid has hardly worn? So selling them is a good option. You can therefore clean the closet and make some good cash from it.

What to do with the kids’ clothes that they no longer wear?

Sale versus donate

When you start sorting, it can be a little time-consuming. You will have to inspect the stuff for holes, style, and stains. You need to understand that every bit of clothing will not be fit for sale, and you will have to check each piece with a very critical eye. You can either sell them to us at, or you can also donate them. We will make sure that the clothes you donate are sent to a good NGO and not sold.

Best Condition

These are the clothes that are most apt for sale. They should be free from all kinds of stains and should not have any holes or tears. Make sure that the item is not too old. It should have been purchased somewhere between three to five years. You can then sort them as per the size and the season of wear.

Descent Condition

These items look good; however, they are not perfect. They might have small tears or tiny stains. Overall, though these are good, if scrutinized thoroughly, then these stains and tears will be visible. These are good hand-me-downs. If you know someone who recently had a baby, they could have these clothes as they are good quality and free. You can also donate these items to the local thrift shelter, deductible under income tax.

Poor Condition

All items will not be able to escape babyhood in the best of conditions. There are times when diaper blowouts or spit-ups happen, and these often leave quite tough stains. White-colored clothes are mostly affected by these stains. These items cannot be sold, neither can you give them to your family members or friends, and you also do not want to drop them in the thrift store. So the question that arises here is then, what can you do with them? The best thing you can do is use them as cleaning rags or recycle them for craft projects. You can give them to a church nursery or local daycare, and they might find them useful for emergencies. You can also sell clothes that have torn, but then make sure that you have mentioned it in the description. This will ensure that the buyer who buys your fabric is aware of it.

The clothes you want to send to the consignment shop should be clean and wrinkle-free. Though most of the time, they may be clean because you have taken them out from the closet, however; they might not be clean enough. A consignment shop may also turn down your items if they smell musty because they have been in the closet for six months. They may also not accept clothes that are heavily perfumed. Even the wrinkled garments might not be accepted. If you want your items to sell, you will have to laundry them using a fragrant-free laundry detergent. It will be a good idea to remove these items from the dryer so that you will not waste much time ironing them. Once your clothes are clean and ironed, you can box them according to size and season. Now you are ready to sell.

If you are interested to know about some of the tips on how to sell unused kids’ toys online, you can go through the points mentioned below:

  1. Evaluate the toys before you sell them:
  • Try evaluating all the toys you are thinking of selling.
  • Check to find out if any part is broken or missing.
  • If you find any parts missing, try to search for them and hopefully locate them. But if there are broken or missing pieces, you will have to donate those toys and not sell them. You will also have to make sure that you clean these toys properly. Do not try to sell toys with dirt and dust on them.
  1. Document the items:

It is essential to take a picture of the toys you want to sell with a digital camera. It would help if you also took care that these pictures are taken in an area with good lighting and free from distractions. This is good if you want to send them to us for selling. This will be good for your records. Keep the records of which items you send and when. This will be helpful in case something goes missing. Your item is now ready to be sold.


You can list your item in our website for free. Once your product gets sold, we charge you 15% of the price of the item or Rs.99, whichever is higher.

Steps to selling your items through

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  • You can then register your details.
  • Click on “I am a seller” and enter the necessary details
  • You will be registered as a seller

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