Fees On Kidsclutt

You will not have to pay anything for listing an item on our website kidsclutt.com. It is free. But it is only when the things get sold, or the services used that we charge a nominal fee.

Kidsclutt Fee – A minimum of 99INR for items priced at less than 500INR and 18% of the Selling price for things that are priced at 500INR or more.

GST-  18% of Kidsclutt fee that is paid by the seller.

Transaction Fees and Payment Fees This fee includes the payment processing charge and the balance withdrawal from our system by our financial service partners.

Payment Processing Fee For the items that are priced at less than 500INR, the payment processing fee is 25INR and for the items that are priced at 500INR or more, the payment processing fee is 49INR.

Seller’s Fees = Selling fee – (Shipping charges + Payment processing fee + Kidsclutt fee + GST). Shipping charges will be deducted only if you decide to go for free shipping). Normally, the shipping charges are paid by the buyer, however, if you want to offer free delivery, it will have to be paid by you.

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