Different people do online shopping differently. They take decisions at their own pace, use different kinds of devices and interact with the stores in ways that they are most comfortable in. For some shoppers, the entire process of buying and viewing is completely different from what we are expecting. There are chances that the internet connection that they have is slow as they live in a developing country.

We, at, understand the importance of web accessibility. We, therefore, ensure that everyone can use our website with ease. Irrespective of your age and the software or the hardware you are using, you will be surely able to access our website. Our website content and design are such that everyone will be able to shop. Moreover, we always ensure that each of the products we sell has a very good description that is important for customers to know before they buy any pre-owned items for their kids. We give quite detailed information about each of the products. We understand that since we are a kids’ online store, we should be all the more careful when we are selling. Parents are very careful about the safety of their babies and therefore we take special care to describe the products that we are selling. We not only describe the appearance of the clothes but also make sure that the shoppers get enough information about the texture and the materials used.

We also use a variety of images and videos so that the buyer can get a better idea about the products that he or she is buying for his or her kids. We also talk about the features of a particular product.

We also communicate with our customers well. Our customer service is exceptionally good and we try to help customers who are new to online shopping. The filters and the tags that we have used on our website are also improved and our website is also very informative. Our return policies are also clear and quite detailed. The customers can buy pre-owned kids’ products directly from the buyers sitting in the comfort of their homes. Again, the sellers can also sell all kinds of kids’ products with tags through our online store. Our website is highly accessible and that is the reason, it removes all kinds of barriers to the customers and they get a better user experience. The customers can purchase traditionally from our online store by viewing the product and reading the description. Everyone can access the same information and can purchase products from us with a lot of confidence. Since our website is accessible, more people are buying pre-owned kids’ products from

When a customer comes to the website of a store, he or she expects to have the same experience that he or she would be having when visiting a physical store. We, therefore, ensure that our customers can enjoy the same experience when shopping in our online store. We understand that if the customer is not able to get a clear understanding of a particular product, he or she will not be able to buy it. That is the reason; we ensure that the description and the pictures of the products are good. We also add alternate descriptions or alternate texts to the products. Since we have integrated the accessibility criteria, we have been able to create a shopping environment that is easy and comfortable for potential customers. We have always tried to enhance the buying experience of the customers and make the experience of every customer visiting our website a truly memorable one. Having an accessible website that is based on the needs and the requirements of the customers always enhances the shopping experience of buyers and we have therefore always tried to make our website, more accessible.

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