Detailing Tips For Kids’ Clothes To Be Showcased On Online Apps

Selling clothes via an online app is becoming popular with time.  It means that more kids’ cloth that got loved will end up in the landfills.  Instead,  it can get a new life with the customer.

The fact is that even celebrities are using apps to sell clothes to their kids. What are the don’ts and dos of selling clothes online? The competition will keep up with time.  Proper detailing of the product will help in attracting more customers. It will give clarity of what the product is about.

 Provides  with detailed item descriptions.

It is vital that you cover all the crucial points that a customer would want to know in your description. It will allow your customers to understand what products they buy. It reduces the number of questions that may arise in their mind.

Bits of info that the product description will contain are as follows.

  • The brand’s name
  • Sizing and measurement of the product
  • Info related to the material
  • Unique details of the item
  • Hashtags related to your item

 Upload clean and clear photos of the product

The essential part of product description is the image quality of the product. It is essential that your images display the item with clarity.  The fact is that sellers often take low-quality images.  Often, the picture has a filter or a dark image that changes what it actually looks like.

Some sellers even make the mistake of adding a messed-up background to the picture.  It’s a sure-fire way to turn a buyer off.   A kid’s cloth selling app needs to keep an eye on the following points to provide your buyers with the perfect detailing of the product –

  • Decent lighting
  • Arrangement of the background and item
  • A consistent photography style helps build trust among the buyers.
  • Making photos look more professional and official


Respond To Queries –


Perfect detailing may also include quick respond to the queries. You need to be fast enough to respond to queries on the kids’ clothes reselling app. It holds, especially for platforms like eBay, Depop, and Facebook.  the Marketplace holds a special place.  It allows you to keep the trust of the buyer and they get the perfect picture and details of the product.

Display discounts on pre-quarantine stocks with Clarity


Another essential part of the product detailing is displaying your discount list on the product with clarity.  If you want to clear out pre-Quarantine stocks, you can sell more items by  offering a huge discount on kids’ cloth. If you want to showcase the  kid’s accessories at a discounted rates, then that must be clearly mentioned under the product so that your buyers get aware of.  It will allow the buyer to reach your profile and encourage them to look around for more such discounted products.

Let Your Customer Reach You – Display Contact Details

It is essential to provide the contact details under the product. It is again an essential part of the product description.   It is better to communicate with only the potential buyers, and contact details helps the buyers to reach out you for the product.  This seller needs to place your contact number in the product description or profile.

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